Saturday, 11 June 2016

Digital Pharaoh

Yeah you definitely can see the image I've pasted above these words. It's a Pharaoh. Do you really know who Pharaoh was?
Rather I believe you do, but still le'me get into some detail, ought to be lengthy.
Pharaoh, a ruler from the Egyptian lands, claimed to be the god and pretend as to be the ruler of the world. Some way or other, he made the natives of his state to bow and prostate in front of him and blah blah blah... detail could be much lengthy with so many more words.
But not to waste my readers' time, I'll simply get to the definition of Digital Pharaoh.
I had been working in an organization since last 7 years and had been doing a number of stuff for them. Generated electronic reports, developed a number of VB based software, ran errands for them (precisely the personal one), hurt myself a number of times but at the end, when I spoke up against the odds I was put out.
The last days of me over my office, showed me some definite elaboration of what a Digital Pharaoh could be. But by any hook or crook, it's the part of the world we are living in. The employers have to put up for their bread and butter and the employee has to hook around for his bread and butter.
Things remain definitely same for the both and either way some means are to be cast away to settle some other.