Monday, 23 December 2013


Have you ever seen a pigeon? Yeah a lot of time, but have you ever seen a pigeon sitting on a table, specially on a office table?

Tiger ride

Yeah a giant cat on a ride

Precautionary measures

This is the perfect example of precautionary measures. Here in Lahore the fog was more than the intensity to see 20 meters ahead and this guy to facilitate others left his parking lights on. Hats off to him

Japanese Car, Korean Cigarrete

Round and round, round and round, the world is round, round and round. I was amazed to see a Korean cigarette named ESSE and a Japanese car named ESSE. WHAT A COINCIDENCE


Have you ever seen fog like this? This is LAHORE

Friday, 20 December 2013

Underage smoking

Underage smoking is a prohibition in my country, but still here are guys who disobey this law

A night in Lahore

A night in Peco Road Lahore. A splendid scene of night

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Roasted nuts

One of the most favourite diet of we Pakistanis "The Roasted Nuts". This generally includes peanut and corn, and often beans are found in them.

Trashed Scooter

A friend told me that someone posted an ad on a classified ads site, related to sell his scooter. Coincidentally I found this baby lying in a junk yard. I asked my friend that how much is that guy asking for it. He said that he's asking for Pkr 60,000/- ($ 553/- approx). It really amazed me because the owner of this junk yard was selling it for not more than Rs 5000/- ($ 46/- approx)

Landa Market

Its the Landa Bazaar (London Market), where you'll find all the used stuff imported from mostly European countries. Whether clothes, shoes, books or electronics, you'll get it here


Don't be afraid of it, its dead. I splashed it before capturing it in my camera


Winter Morning, the warming up sun

Angry Cat

Mosque beside my home

Its a Mosque beside my home

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Allama Iqbal Day

The guy in this picture is known as the Poet of East. He is Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1876 - 1938). Through his poetry he made efforts to develop the sense of Muslims to be united and to tend towards development. He is always alive in us.

The idiot force

Garbage thrown near a pavement on a street. Well its an idiocy!

Hand Cart

A type of hand cart used here in Pakistan for the purpose to sell things on.

Stray, but beautiful

I was going for my office and I saw this baby sitting on a car. I though to capture her.
 Oh I feel so Shy

 Hey! Have you come?

 I was missing you, where were you?

 Hey! Who the F*ck are you?

 Na! Don't tease me please

Friday, 25 October 2013

Domestic Violence in Pakistan

Everyday I witness a number of domestic violence. But every time I just use to pretend that I haven't seen anything (as my elders told me, its their personal issue). A few days back I was upon to call 15 for assistance, as my neighbor was beating his wife, and even his sister was beating that lady (neighbor's wife). But while i was going to call emergency, I was stopped by my mother, saying me, ITS THEIR PERSONAL ISSUE.
No its not personal anymore when others can watch and listen, what you actually call personal.
Its not only the issue in Pakistan. Its all around the world.

Monday, 14 October 2013

WAPDA at work

They aren't cutting the trees. They are chopping the top most branches so that the power cables don't get interrupted in them.

Taming the stray

A few days back, WHO was killing stray dogs in my vicinity. This guy here in this picture was saved by my neighbor as he told them that its tame, a pet, and later that he pinned it a collar. 

The Rocket Science

No Parking!

Yeah i can see a board saying P. But I think the guys who parked their rides along that board must be blind. May they be blessed with eyes.

Box files stupididly discarded

A piece of idiocy. Someone instead of putting these box files in the dust min, placed them on a pavement.


Some modern science, simply how do plants grow in main sewerage line?

Donkey Car-t

A perfect example of Donkey CarT
I got this Picture from my Friend +Abdul Rehman 

Alhamra Cultural Hall

A creation of man, a beauty of his hand, a gift of my Lord. Alhamra Cultural Hall, Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore

A dam Roadblock

This old man had to stop his cart because of some DARN roadblock.

A broken pot

One of my young champs broke this pot in my office. Yet I found it beautiful for my blog.

The Rainy clouds

Rain in Pakistan is something like a homey in the hood. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Moping cab

A moping cab of LWMC on work.

A toy Gun

Its just a toy gun. But merely its the cause to turn a child's innocent mind into a hostile.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Sheepz too

Not only humans in Pakistan, animals also have a malfunctioning brain. Precisely its all because of the public. This Sheep is doing the same as most of the Pakistanis do, Standing erect in the street and blocking it.

My Lord's Beauty

An image of Mosque in Johar Town, Lahore, before a heavy shower of rain.

The Morning Slum

LIKE PEOPLE LIKE GOVERNMENT, in a post below I blamed LWMC for its carelessness, and this image here shows that how much careful is the public itself.

Scarce means and toooooo many ends

Lionell Robins, one of the eminent economist of the 20th Century, proclaimed "HUMAN WANTS ARE UNLIMITED WHILE RESOURCES ARE LIMITED". He was true, but exceptions are always there, this guy turned his Honda's CG 125 into some BMW 125

Wasting Lahore

LWMC claims that they will clean the whole Lahore and would bring it among the world's most clean cities. Yeah I guess you guys can see that.

Quite vigilant

This shows how much we and our government is responsible. Do LOOK B3fore you LE@p!

Road blocked

Common sense is a sense that is not common. This guy parked his car in the center of the road and blocked it. What should he be called?

Donkey Day

Some donkeys along their riders on a service lane in Lahore.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Peshawar Twin Blast

 We think of peace, you think of brutality, we think of love, you think of war, but for once we all were called HUMANS!

Thursday, 19 September 2013