Thursday, 10 November 2016

Autumn sunset

Autumn has a distinct color. Poets and writers express it in a romantic manner. Even there are some who express it as a moment of forlon. The fact is simple, Autumn is beautiful and has a colorful imagination.
This is the Autumn in my country Pakistan, a lovely autumn.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Shadows tell a different story of you. The images so reflected are not the so-called fables or hilarious articles. Rather they are another you. Another side of your life. A proof of your life

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Unpredictable Lahore

You can't predict what's gonna be the weather of Lahore. The very next moment brings up a surprise. Same happened today. It was scorching hot when I left from home to pick my wife, but just after 3 miles the whole atmosphere was cloudy, covered with dark clouds.
You can't even rely over the forecast. They predict that you will have to take water the whole day long as you might sweat a lot. But when you leave your home or office you find it to be a lie as the clouds are showering.
So be cool and wear a raincoat before entering Lahore as you won't ever know that when it's gonna rain.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Urban Barbarians

It is among the vital issues of Pakistan that a major sum of population lives in slum. The picture is from an urban area of Lahore, called Johar Town, which implies that the nomad class of Pakistan is dwindling upon the free acres of land. What they usually search for is the air, sun and earth. Water is not that big issue for them as they are habitual of striving without water for days.
The urban culture in the country is pretty much diversified into their personal priorities that they forget the social development. How could a state develop when a group of its inhabitants lay down their heads in slum.
Among these folks, a number of youngsters are found stealing from nearby housing schemes. The kids of this class are usually busy in begging for money from the passers. Besides there is an indecent criminal log of this class, including mugging and roberies.
Rather it won't be wrong to say that these humans can be classified as Urban Barbarians and not to forget, we made them so.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Old is gold

Oldies are becoming hard to find here in Lahore. Almost after an year I found this old fella been driven by a sweet lady along with her 2 beautiful friends. Believe me, that was a pretty awesome scene.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Wall Paintings

Precisely the beauty at rest, at times amateur but these ones are eye catching

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Butterflies are for real

Butterflies, as soft as creamy as the butter, are certainly the next living thing to be extinct. Certainly after half a decade we would be narrating the fables of butterflies to our offspings.

Back to work

Hey folks i am back with my new phone, new looks and the same blogger app

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Digital Pharaoh

Yeah you definitely can see the image I've pasted above these words. It's a Pharaoh. Do you really know who Pharaoh was?
Rather I believe you do, but still le'me get into some detail, ought to be lengthy.
Pharaoh, a ruler from the Egyptian lands, claimed to be the god and pretend as to be the ruler of the world. Some way or other, he made the natives of his state to bow and prostate in front of him and blah blah blah... detail could be much lengthy with so many more words.
But not to waste my readers' time, I'll simply get to the definition of Digital Pharaoh.
I had been working in an organization since last 7 years and had been doing a number of stuff for them. Generated electronic reports, developed a number of VB based software, ran errands for them (precisely the personal one), hurt myself a number of times but at the end, when I spoke up against the odds I was put out.
The last days of me over my office, showed me some definite elaboration of what a Digital Pharaoh could be. But by any hook or crook, it's the part of the world we are living in. The employers have to put up for their bread and butter and the employee has to hook around for his bread and butter.
Things remain definitely same for the both and either way some means are to be cast away to settle some other.