Friday, 25 October 2013

Domestic Violence in Pakistan

Everyday I witness a number of domestic violence. But every time I just use to pretend that I haven't seen anything (as my elders told me, its their personal issue). A few days back I was upon to call 15 for assistance, as my neighbor was beating his wife, and even his sister was beating that lady (neighbor's wife). But while i was going to call emergency, I was stopped by my mother, saying me, ITS THEIR PERSONAL ISSUE.
No its not personal anymore when others can watch and listen, what you actually call personal.
Its not only the issue in Pakistan. Its all around the world.

Monday, 14 October 2013

WAPDA at work

They aren't cutting the trees. They are chopping the top most branches so that the power cables don't get interrupted in them.

Taming the stray

A few days back, WHO was killing stray dogs in my vicinity. This guy here in this picture was saved by my neighbor as he told them that its tame, a pet, and later that he pinned it a collar. 

The Rocket Science

No Parking!

Yeah i can see a board saying P. But I think the guys who parked their rides along that board must be blind. May they be blessed with eyes.

Box files stupididly discarded

A piece of idiocy. Someone instead of putting these box files in the dust min, placed them on a pavement.


Some modern science, simply how do plants grow in main sewerage line?

Donkey Car-t

A perfect example of Donkey CarT
I got this Picture from my Friend +Abdul Rehman 

Alhamra Cultural Hall

A creation of man, a beauty of his hand, a gift of my Lord. Alhamra Cultural Hall, Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore

A dam Roadblock

This old man had to stop his cart because of some DARN roadblock.

A broken pot

One of my young champs broke this pot in my office. Yet I found it beautiful for my blog.

The Rainy clouds

Rain in Pakistan is something like a homey in the hood. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Moping cab

A moping cab of LWMC on work.

A toy Gun

Its just a toy gun. But merely its the cause to turn a child's innocent mind into a hostile.