Monday, 23 December 2013


Have you ever seen a pigeon? Yeah a lot of time, but have you ever seen a pigeon sitting on a table, specially on a office table?

Tiger ride

Yeah a giant cat on a ride

Precautionary measures

This is the perfect example of precautionary measures. Here in Lahore the fog was more than the intensity to see 20 meters ahead and this guy to facilitate others left his parking lights on. Hats off to him

Japanese Car, Korean Cigarrete

Round and round, round and round, the world is round, round and round. I was amazed to see a Korean cigarette named ESSE and a Japanese car named ESSE. WHAT A COINCIDENCE


Have you ever seen fog like this? This is LAHORE

Friday, 20 December 2013

Underage smoking

Underage smoking is a prohibition in my country, but still here are guys who disobey this law

A night in Lahore

A night in Peco Road Lahore. A splendid scene of night

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Roasted nuts

One of the most favourite diet of we Pakistanis "The Roasted Nuts". This generally includes peanut and corn, and often beans are found in them.

Trashed Scooter

A friend told me that someone posted an ad on a classified ads site, related to sell his scooter. Coincidentally I found this baby lying in a junk yard. I asked my friend that how much is that guy asking for it. He said that he's asking for Pkr 60,000/- ($ 553/- approx). It really amazed me because the owner of this junk yard was selling it for not more than Rs 5000/- ($ 46/- approx)

Landa Market

Its the Landa Bazaar (London Market), where you'll find all the used stuff imported from mostly European countries. Whether clothes, shoes, books or electronics, you'll get it here


Don't be afraid of it, its dead. I splashed it before capturing it in my camera


Winter Morning, the warming up sun

Angry Cat

Mosque beside my home

Its a Mosque beside my home