Saturday, 3 September 2016

Urban Barbarians

It is among the vital issues of Pakistan that a major sum of population lives in slum. The picture is from an urban area of Lahore, called Johar Town, which implies that the nomad class of Pakistan is dwindling upon the free acres of land. What they usually search for is the air, sun and earth. Water is not that big issue for them as they are habitual of striving without water for days.
The urban culture in the country is pretty much diversified into their personal priorities that they forget the social development. How could a state develop when a group of its inhabitants lay down their heads in slum.
Among these folks, a number of youngsters are found stealing from nearby housing schemes. The kids of this class are usually busy in begging for money from the passers. Besides there is an indecent criminal log of this class, including mugging and roberies.
Rather it won't be wrong to say that these humans can be classified as Urban Barbarians and not to forget, we made them so.